Increase Your Sales

Team’s Productivity.

Having quality sales leads is one of the best ways to initiate conversations that result in actual sales. Knowing who your customer is and what they want is priceless – and it also means that your sales team is spending their time speaking with the right people. But creating a lead generation and brand building tool requires vast amounts of time and effort.

Red2Black Group and our digital marketing partner, White Peak, can do the leg work for you and deliver quality leads every month. Our team can run fully managed campaigns through LinkedIn that show real results even in the first month.

These campaigns work by identifying your target audience and then building a database around Connections on LinkedIn, which ultimately translates into a tailored message being delivered to up to 1,500 targets per salesperson per month.

This robust service will ensure that you always have as many leads as your team can handle!

Frequently Asked Questions

The turnaround on this is relatively quick. Identifying the target audience and creating the database will take 2-3 weeks, then the campaign will go into effect, meaning that you will receive the first leads in under a month’s time.

YES! You do not have to have a lot of connections to start generating leads, you just need a goal, what your target client looks like, and the drive to connect with new people which will, in turn, grow your network.

We have worked with clients who have less than 1,000 connections to those with over 5,000. The opportunity is endless.

Our digital marketing partner, White Peak, provides each client with a personal reporting dashboard. The dashboard includes a few important items.

  1. An overview of your campaign where you can find a short summary of the connections, leads, and prospects you are engaging with.
  2. A deeper look into each connection you have made since the start of your campaign.
  3. A list of prospects with identifiable leads indicated for you to reach out to.

The Connection, Prospect and Lead data that is recorded in your dashboard are your data. You are free to download the data and upload it into your marketing automation system or CRM.

White Peak also offers an option to automatically upload your B2B Lead Generation data automatically to nearly 100 CRMs.

With a reported user goal of 3-billion professionals, LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals. There are currently 470+ million registered users on LinkedIn today and 76% of executives check their account daily.

Growing twice as fast as Facebook, 94% of marketers say that it is their number one channel for B2B leads.

With the knowledge and research we’ve conducted, LinkedIn is by far the best place to generate leads, which is why we use it.

Our digital marketing partner, White Peak, works directly with you to learn about your goals and your target audience. After gathering information from you, we build out a database that is tailored around you and your current connections.

By utilizing White Peak’s B2B Lead Generation service, you will be able to: 

  • Attract your Ideal Target Customers;
  • Fill the top of your pipeline with new prospects;
  • Generate leads from your existing contacts; and
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing clients.

We initiate conversations, provide valuable content, and follow-up with your connections for you. By doing the leg-work, we ensure that leads come directly to you, so you can focus on what you do best.