Don’t Start Sales Planning With Sales

Any business who does the same thing year-over-year without change, improvement or advancement will experience a natural decline of 15%.  To flip it, if everything stayed the same year-over-year, you would need to sell 15% more to make last year’s numbers.  

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How To Help Millennials In Business

I have found millennials to be incredibly bright, easy to train, open to conversations and generally unwarranted of the negative press.  My clients ask if I have success training millennials.  The answer, in short, is yes, I have hired, trained, managed and developed millennials into great sellers.   

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The 4 Horsemen to Drive Revenue

For short-term bumps there will always be a place for lead gen programs, discounting strategies and complicated gimmicks. But before you resort to small bumps, try leveraging the four pillars of revenue development to help with both short-term gain and long-term revenue increases to your portfolio.   

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Recharge and Engage

Time to evaluate the year your assumptions from the beginning of the year to adjust your second half to increase sales.  Also, how can you re-calibrate your metrics to attain the goal?  If you are using a CRM and keeping it up to date, this should take you a half of a day.   


Base, Commissions, Expenses and Uncle Sam  

If you have made sales, you have received a commission check and felt the cold hand of Uncle Sam digging into your paycheck and taking his share.  Taxes are a tricky beast to tame.  When you are negotiating your contract, small changes in the classification and how you receive the money makes a big difference in your check.  I asked my good friend and my financial planner Mike Eklund from Financial Symmetry to break it down for the other C students and me.  Since state taxes are unique to each state, we are focusing on Federal taxes.  And as a CYA, please always consult a licensed accountant before making any decisions on you your taxes.  This blog will not hold up in court.  

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Get ready for your bad months.

Every industry has the seasonal ebbs and flows for sales and customer acquisition. You can either take up meditation and accept it or work to minimize the damage the slow months have on your goal. One of the most popular fixes is having your marketing plan for lead development established well in advance of the forecasted blips in sales.   

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