#My Best Sales Advice, Joe Shaker

New year, new possibilities, new growth, and potentially new team members. Although it has been over ten years since I did a deal with Shaker Recruitment in Chicago, Joe Shaker and I have stayed friends. Joe and I were catching up over the Holidays when I asked him what is the best piece of sales advice he received?  Immediately, he quoted his father, Joe Shaker Sr. Make a friend, make a deal.   Knowing both Joe Shaker Jr and Sr., I can verify they live this statement. Like I stated, it has been over ten years since Joe and I have [...]

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Why Salespeople Need Business Acumen

The change in the buyer’s journey is creating a need for salespeople to develop a higher level of business acumen. Over the last several years buyers have made the traditional sales funnel into chop suey.  A sales funnel used to start at the top with awareness, and the buyer would leave the funnel as a closed won or closed lost. The salesperson controlled the progression through the funnel starting with awareness, progressing on a linear sales path. Whereas today’s buyers enter the funnel from different avenues with different levels of knowledge.  Kennedy and Anderson have a great post regarding [...]

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How To Help Millennials In Business

I have found millennials to be incredibly bright, easy to train, open to conversations and generally unwarranted of the negative press.  My clients ask if I have success training millennials.  The answer, in short, is yes, I have hired, trained, managed and developed millennials into great sellers.   

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Not All Prospects Are Equal

Skillful prospecting is paramount to any sales person’s success.  The trick is not to treat all prospects as equal.  A big deal and a small deal will take the same amount of time and bandwidth to work and close.  Contextualizing your universe increases the likelihood of beating your goals.  This exercise is six easy steps and only  

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Increase Revenue Using Referrals

According to Heniz Marketing,  84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral. We all know referrals make selling so much easier.  In fact, people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.  So why are sales people not asking for more referrals? 

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“Let me think about it” – and other deal killers

As a seller, I can think of few phrases that I hate more than “let me think about it.” The longer a deal takes to close, the odds of closing drop dramatically.   Why is that?  The forgetting curve starts: 75% of the information is forgotten within 24 hours, 90% of the inforamtion is forgotten within 30 days and 50% of the information they can recall is

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Get Back On Pace to Hit Your Year

Every seller has struggled making quota at one time in their career.  The reasons it happens are endless, ranging from losing a large client, unrealistic quota, market shift, competitors to bad pipeline management.  The stress to hit the goal can become overwhelming.  Here are some steps to help you turn it around.

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