Working to Find A Solution

That Fits Your Needs.

At Red2Black Group, our team is focused on helping your organization achieve long-term strategic success. Increasing the sales acumen of your business is one of the most effective ways to drive revenue growth. At Red2Black we work with our clients to develop a tailored and strategic approach that allows them to close today’s sophisticated buyers.

This proven approach accounts for our ability to deliver on our clients’ unique needs and engage all demographic groups – from senior management to new employees, creating a culture defined by sales excellence and a commitment to outstanding client service.

Red2Black Group’s strategy incorporates modern sales techniques to working with customers who are becoming increasingly savvy and sophisticated.  Reaching today’s educated buyers takes an innovative approach. By listening to your unique needs and concerns, we can map a path forward to success. We will be right by your side throughout the journey, helping as you train your team, develop sales tactics and strategies, and build a more effective sales playbook.

We are committed to seeing you succeed, no matter how aggressive your goals may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red2Black Group can work with organizations or all sizes. When meeting with prospective clients, we assess their training needs and then develop a customized approach based on their unique needs.

Training can last a few hours to a weekly program lasting several months.  Since our solution is tailored to your needs and budget, we don’t have a standard length.

Our training is delivered in bite size pieces to ensure the team is utilizing the training.  We can provide goals and metrics to gauge success, along with benchmarks for the sales team.

Managers and leaders of the organization play a crucial role in training. First, they assist with identifying the primary goals of the training and developing a curriculum that is going to result in maximizing the efficacy of the educational material.

They are also responsible for integrating the procedural and structural changes that are identified in order to create a positive sales culture that endures.

Sales managers are also the key on following up with the training to ensure their sellers are incorporating what they learned.

When developing the training program for your organization, we will work with you to identify objectives that can be measured.

Objectives can include metrics such as increased sales figures, decreased turnover, increased margins, new accounts, new markets penetrated, increased retention, increased referrals, and new markets penetrated.

We look at fixing your issues, providing solutions and working with you to take your organization to the next level.  We are not a quick fix.

Our customized approach offers the flexibility and adaptability that will meet the needs of any organization, ranging from very small businesses to enterprises.

We have the knowledge and experience to successfully guide your business to more effective sales.