I have spent my career as either a seller or managing sellers. I have participated in countless sales calls and numerous four-legged sales calls over the years. Of course, there is room for every seller to improve, but some habits are less about lack of professional training and more something you should have learned from your mom. Here are the five habits you need to stop immediately.

1.       Consistently being late – I live in the DC area, so being late is a part of my daily life.  But being consistently late is a bad habit. It shows you have no respect for their time.

2.      Talking over or interrupting – You are asking questions, they are answering.  Let them finish. Talk time is not a battle; you should never speak over or interrupt your prospect, or anyone else as a matter of fact.

3.      Weak handshakes – This issue may stem from me being Catholic and spending Sunday’s shaking people’s hands.  A weak handshake shows a lack of self-confidence. Go in with a firm grasp and make eye contact while confidently introducing yourself.

4.      Needing visual aids – If you can not pitch, explain your product and value proposition, without using slides, you are not a salesperson.  Always expect technology to fail, because it usually does.

5.      Not following up- Regardless if you have an opportunity for business now, you need to follow up.  Sending a quick thank you note for the meeting may pay dividends in the future.

Send me other bad habits you can think of at Pat@Red2blackgroup.com