Shocking that we are already in June.  Well, time to evaluate the year through a review of the past six months and using that information to plan for the remainder of the year. 

 Take a moment to look over the previous six months.  Look at your assumptions on January 1st to now.  What is going to plan and what is not?  Specifically, you should review:

 1. Renewals

a. What client’s returned with more spend? Why?

b. What clients returned with less spend?  Why?

c. What clients never returned? 

2. Pricing and Packages:  

a. How is your average deal size versus last year? Why?  

b. Are you able to charge more or less for your product?  


3. Product Mix:  

a. What products are selling better and for what price?  Why?  

b. What products are selling poorly, and for what price?  Why? 

c. Any great feedback from customers on one product?


4. Clean up your funnel, 

a. Get rid of dead leads

b. Ensure you are honest and clean your funnel

        c. Finish open tasks assigned to your funnel    


5.  New clients.  

a. Who came in that was expected? 

b. Who did not close that you expected?  

c. Who are the new clients that were outside of your funnel?

d. How much are they spending on average?

e. What are they buying?

f. What new client has the most significant upside?

For the next six months, you need a goal.  What can you learn from the beginning of the year to adjust your second half to increase sales?  Also, how can you re-calibrate your metrics to attain the goal? 

1. Renewals:

a. What renewals do you have coming up?  

b. Do you have a strategy for lapsed renewals? 

c. Have you engaged upcoming renewals early? 


2. Product:

a.  Build a quick matrix of customers and what products they have purchased, 

b.  Establish a mini product pipeline to your existing customers of products they should buy this year. 


3. Deals size

a. What is your target deal size for the second half of the year? 

b. What products should you start adding to your deals to get that average deal size up for the next six months? 


4. Goal and Opportunity: Look at your remaining goal against your lead pool.  

a. Do you have enough leads to achieve your goal?  

b. If no, how are you going to increase your prospecting?

c. If yes, how increase close percentage?

d. Do you need to change how you are managing your funnel to meet the goal? 


5. New Customers: 

a. What new clients present a significant opportunity?

b. How are you developing these new clients? 

c. Based on your renewals, how many new clients do you need to attain your goal?

The list mentioned above is a general overview of best practices to help sellers recalibrate their strategy to hit or exceed their annual quota. 

If you are using a CRM and keeping it up to date, this should take you a half of a day.   If you have any questions, feel free to email me at