How to Use Losing to Grow Sales

Are you meeting with the sales team to discuss the deals they are losing? This is a healthy and productive way to build revenue. Open and honest discussions with the sales team are essential to establish trust between sales management and salespeople.  Remember, this is not a rah-rah meeting where you just combat all their issues.  This is a listen and learn where you make clear decisions based on facts and analysis.  

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Build a Better Prospecting Email

Forty percent of salespeople think prospecting is the hardest part of their job. Email marketing has proven to be a primary lead driver for many sales teams.  The key to increasing your response rate is having a great prospecting email.  Here are some components that make up a better email. 

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Base, Commissions, Expenses and Uncle Sam  

If you have made sales, you have received a commission check and felt the cold hand of Uncle Sam digging into your paycheck and taking his share.  Taxes are a tricky beast to tame.  When you are negotiating your contract, small changes in the classification and how you receive the money makes a big difference in your check.  I asked my good friend and my financial planner Mike Eklund from Financial Symmetry to break it down for the other C students and me.  Since state taxes are unique to each state, we are focusing on Federal taxes.  And as a CYA, please always consult a licensed accountant before making any decisions on you your taxes.  This blog will not hold up in court.  

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Coffee Is For Closers

Asking for money is the most challenging part of sales. Weak closing skills prevent decent sellers becoming good/great sellers. Closing is intimidating enough to keep some people altogether away from sales.  If you research how to close, the number of ways to close is a staggering, proving there's no shortage on how to ask for the deal.  In my training, I preach continual closing to get buy-in as the meeting progresses to diminish the level of uncertainty and angst leading to the close.  

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