Red2Black Group Named by Clutch as a Top 2022 Sales Outsourcing Company in Virginia

Red2Black Group Named by Clutch as a Top 2022 Sales Outsourcing Company in Virginia At Red2Black Group, we deliver proven sales strategies to emerging organizations. Our expertise in sales, strategy, sales software, training, and coaching to create predictable revenue is unparalleled. We’re a passionate team committed to helping organizations achieve effective sales strategies to drive long-term revenue growth. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services to optimize the sales performance of your business.   Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been recognized as a leader on Clutch. The B2B platform’s 2022 research showcases us among the leading BPO [...]

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Growing Sales During COVID19 Part 3

New sales will be slow as organizations review their cash flow and reallocate budgets based on their new environment. I am posting three short blog posts on how to grow revenue in this environment. Part 1 -What to do with current clients Part 2- How to close outstanding business Part 3- Future opportunity for growth In part 1, I suggested the best way to utilize unused current contract value with your clients. In part 2, I reviewed the steps to secure or move forward outstanding business. In part 3, I will discuss how to build your pipeline during this time. After watching the Tiger King, I am [...]

#My Best Sales Advice, Ryan Willumson

2019 was a year to remember for Industry Dive. They were Neal awards finalist, Azbee awards finalist, Washington Post's top workplace, Inc Magazine Fastest-Growing company, Folio 100 list, Deloitte technology fast 500 winners, and ended the year securing a deal with Falfurrias Capital partners to accelerate growth. As we were catching up, I asked Ryan, the CRO, and Co-Founder what was the best piece of sales advice he received. "The best sales advice I ever received was to shut up. You're better off fighting the instinct to fill the air. Learn to be comfortable with an extra beat of silence. [...]

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4 Reasons to Love Sales

It is not hard to fall in love with sales. Few other jobs offer great pay, expense accounts, and flexible hours like sales. However, when you are struggling, it is easy to become frustrated with the volatility of sales. Most have experienced the euphoria of closing a huge deal or being 25% over quota, winning awards, and having great clients. Whereas we also experience moments of disenchantment, like when a manager gives an unattainable quota, your largest client cancels, a product glitches, or you spend your day dealing with unhappy customers. The highs are very high, and lows can be [...]

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#My Best Sales Advice, Joe Shaker

New year, new possibilities, new growth, and potentially new team members. Although it has been over ten years since I did a deal with Shaker Recruitment in Chicago, Joe Shaker and I have stayed friends. Joe and I were catching up over the Holidays when I asked him what is the best piece of sales advice he received?  Immediately, he quoted his father, Joe Shaker Sr. Make a friend, make a deal.   Knowing both Joe Shaker Jr and Sr., I can verify they live this statement. Like I stated, it has been over ten years since Joe and I have [...]

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3 Questions to Grow Revenue

As one year draws to a close and new one begins, organizations find themselves in unhealthy routines. They become engrossed and lost in the minutiae of numbers, quotas, portfolios, and fail to take an organizational approach to grow revenue.  Every organization should ask the questions below to create a productive dialogue. This dialogue provides the context to align revenue development, sales priorities, and long term health of sales to secure YOY growth. What are we growing?  What are we killing?  What are we creating?    What are we growing?  When I ask this question, most executives say everything we can. [...]

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Why Your Sales People Are Leaving

According to Sales Hacker, on average, today's salespeople only stay on the job for 16.8 months. Sellers are exchanging the promises of future commissions for short-term salary increases, and perks, bypassing the slugfest of building a book of business, which is vital for an organization's long-term success. Typical factors, like competition and the economy, are contributing to salespeople leaving.  But the most significant change of surveyed sellers is the level of people reporting dissatisfaction as the primary reason for departure.  Not surprisingly, the organizations with the longest sales team tenure are the same as the salespeople expressing the highest level [...]

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The 4 Horsemen to Drive Revenue

For short-term bumps there will always be a place for lead gen programs, discounting strategies and complicated gimmicks. But before you resort to small bumps, try leveraging the four pillars of revenue development to help with both short-term gain and long-term revenue increases to your portfolio.   

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