The 3C’s to Win More Business with Virtual Selling 

The in-person meeting has so many intangibles that a virtual meeting will never provide to the seller. The first is the acceptance of an in-person meeting. People usually are somewhat sold on doing business with you if they have opened their doors and are willing to shake hands with you in person. When in a meeting, you can read body language and, most importantly, have the buyer's undivided attention. As sellers, we first started fighting for the buyer's attention during in-person meetings when glancing at your smartphone became the norm, No matter how you prepare, it is hard to keep people [...]

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Growing Sales During Covid19 Part 1

This is part 1 of a three part blog focusing on growing revenue during the Covid 19 pandemic and aftermath.  New sales will be slow as organizations review their cost allocations based on the new environment and new budgets. I am posting three short blog on how to grow revenue in this environment and ensure that you are part of the new budget. Part 1 -What to do with current clients Part 2- How to close outstanding business Part 3- Future opportunity growth   Talking to my clients, I have noticed two things: The sales team’s workload is slow The operations teams are busy   [...]

#My Best Sales Advice Colin Meade

Since 2002, Executive Mosaic has been the leader in connecting, informing, and educating executives through exclusive peer networking events and media properties. Executive Mosaic is the parent of the 4x24 Leadership program, Potomac Officers Club, ArchIntel, and Spectrum. It also executes the Wash 100, the award honoring the premier private and public sector leaders in the GovCon sector.    Dealing with the most influential people in government contracting has its own unique set of obstacles. Even after being the industry standard for years, you are still trying to engage executives who have little time and competing demands. It is up [...]

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