Why choose Red2Black Group?

The team at Red2Black Group offers several advantages over competitors – including their innovative approach to
increasing sales and robust lead generating and CRM optimization services – that truly result in more sales.

Working with Pat over the last year was essential in our organization’s growth.  He was instrumental in hiring key leadership that provided rapid growth in sales. He provided mentorship to new hires along with current staff looking for fresh ideas and new people to work with.  The results of Pat’s work exceeded our Return On Investment expectations.

– Murray Grevious, CIO TechnoMile

Meet Patrick Mersinger

A high-performing team starts with the CEO. Over the last twenty years Pat’s career in sales and sales management has spanned from startups to fortune 500 organizations.  He has an intense understanding of the sales process, tactics, streatgy, products, CRM, metrics and closing. Let’s redefine your approach to sales.